Download Step-by-Step Guide

Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Create A Free Account

Set up a free account on by simply providing your email address and a password. When you start the process of creating your Therapist Will, you will be asked to set up your account. Setting up your free account allows you not only to create your Therapist Will, but it also gives you the chance to save your answers to questions so that you can take a break and return to to complete your document. Also, you will be able to correct your Therapist Will at no extra charge and with no extra hassle if you find any mistakes in your document within 30 days of creating it.

Step 2: Answer Questions to Personalize Your Will

Watch the video below for a detailed walk through of the process. You can also download the Step-by-Step Guide.

Answer a series of questions designed to help you create your personalized professional will. Your personalized Therapist Will is created by asking you a series of questions. Our step-bys-step guide will help you make the process fast and easy. You will be asked basic substantive information such as providing your office address(es), and naming your clinical executors who will take over your practice in the event of death or incapacity. You will be given some simple choices to make, such as whether you want to pay your clinical executor. There is even a section in which you can list your personal instructions such as voice mail codes, preferences for outgoing messages in case of incapacity or death, the location of a letter template for your clients in such a case, memorial wishes, or other matters that are important for you to state in your personalized Therapist Will.

Step 3: Print and Sign

Print and sign your Therapist Will. Once you answer your questions, you will get to review your answers and then you will be able to print out a professional will on the spot! If you find a mistake on your document, it’s not a problem. You can sign in at any time for up to 30 days after you create your Therapist Will. The final document will include explanations of the different terms and suggested language for informing your patients of your Therapist Will.